Samstag, 4. Mai 2013

NJD Stroboskop Xenon 25

XENON-25 Strobe

Leistungsstarkes Stroboskop, ausgestattet mit einer langlebigen Wendelblitzröhre,
steuerbar per DMX Kontroller und 0-10 Volt Standard für Profi Einsatz. 
1 - 10 Blitze pro Sec.


NJD Xenon 25 DMX Strobe. Ex-demonstration. This strobe can be adjusted for speed with a control on the back, it will also respond to sound via an internal microphone and is fully controllable via DMX or 10 Volt trigger. In the DMX mode you can either program it to strobe at a set speed or make one flash per "on" signal. This allows you to program a chase sequence using multiple Xenon 25s. It has 8 internal selectable patterns available, when used in multiples. Multiple Xenon 25s can be synchronised together without the use of a controller. Suitable for Disco's, and Bands.

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