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Strand Lightning 

Harmonie 15/28








Harmonie  15 / 28 Profile

A classic design for a zoom profile lantern. The lantern comes fitted with a used 1000W T19 lamp. The unit is ex rental and will be supplied with a 15a Plug and hook clamp.
• Harmony 15 / 28
• 1000W T19 Lamp
• 230V / 1000W
• Complete with used lamp / 15a plus / hook clamp
• Manufactured by Strand Lighting
• Weight - 11.7kg 
Narrow 15° to medium wide 28° variable spread Profile spot which provides the flexibility and the light output to complement throw distances between 6 and 17 meters. The beam can be accurately shaped by the four beam shaping shutters.
The two internal lenses are moved independently by unique, scaled rotary controls adjacent to the gate plane which includes four beam shaping shutters and gate runners, with top access lead-in, for addition of an iris diaphragm or pattern (gobo) holder.

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