Samstag, 4. August 2012

Aiwa DM 14

Ein weiteres seltenes hochwertiges Mikro aus meiner Sammlung:

Aiwa DM 14 Dynamisches Mikrofon 


3pol. DIN-Stecker    etwa 60er Jahre       soll irgendwie mit der Fa. Tesla zusammenhängen

aus dem Netz:

Aiwa DM-14 (Made in Japan) – Mike from Vienna provides this mic for us and states, “1960's dynamic mic that's small, but has a strong output that's great for playing dirty blues.”

Aus dem Prospekt:

the smallest hand mikrofon fitted with high effizient dynamic unit with fine frequency characteristics provides
a woderful performance as a component of high fidelity equipments. Suitable for the use in tape recorders, stages, lecture halls, sport links as a supplemental mikrofone

Typ:                                  Dynamisches Mikrofon

Impedance:                       600 Ohm or 50 K Ohm

Sensitivity:                         -71 dB ( at 600 Ohm  1000 c/s dB = 1 V ubar )

Mounting Screw:               5/16 or 5/28*27  threads

Directional Characteristic:  non - directional

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