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AKG  D11 





 50er Jahre 





  Modell:                            Dynamisches Mikrofon D11 - AKG Acoustics GmbH; Wien

  Material                         Plastikgehäuse (nicht Bakelit), Thermoplast

Abmessungen (BHT)     69 x 85 x 88 mm / 2.7 x 3.3 x 3.5 inch

Dynamisches Richtmikrofon mit Nierencharakteristik. 

Frequenzbereich 80-12000Hz.

  Nettogewicht                      0.2 kg / 0 lb 7 oz (0.441 lb)

Have a look at this nice 1950's bakelite microphone

AEG D11 /Hi made in Austria by AKG:

 Great for vocals or guitar amp pickup !

Pressure gradient receiver, impedance 200 ohms

Frequency response: 80 to 12,000 Hz, 2.2mV/Pa

Cardioid pickup pattern, -12dB rear/side attentuation

3/8" mounting thread at the bottom

Permanently mounted 5' (1.5m) cable with DIN plug

Dimensions: 2.65" by 3.3", 3.5" high (68mm x 85mm x 90mm)

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