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Colourgram 48



4 Kanal Lichtsteuergerät  




Baujahr 1979 / 1980








8 Kw max


2 Kw pro Kanal 


Ausgang für Power Packs




Made in England



The Colourgram48 is desingned for professional installations requiring the greatest possible 

variety of lighting control. The unit combines the funktion of a four-channel sound to lightunit, 

an automatic four-channel sequencing system, together with full slider manual control on each channel


Technical Spezifications:


Audio Mod. Bass, middle, treble and top channels on sound - to - light 

Auto Audio superimposes audio facility on all fade, cross fade and dual fade funktions

All Fade: Soft Strobe effect , all four channels

Cross Fade : Automatic sequenceing with period variable from 0,5 to 10 secunds

Dim only. Override switsch provides manual dimming facility

Audio Input: Amplifire, speakers or preamplifire, with an output of between 100 mV R.M.S.

 and 50 V R.M.S. the channel sensitiviy is controllely automatically

Remote Output : 0 to 10 V to drive remote power

Power Output : 2 Kw per channel 240 V 

Dimmensions: 170mm x 320 mm x x250 mm

Weight : 5 Kg 

Power Supply : 110 -120 , 220-240 V  50/60 Hz. 16 amps


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